Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Free plants, mossy paths

The weather has been pleasantly cool and cloudy this week, so I took advantage of it and got back out into the garden to do some much-overdue weeding and clean up. In the process of pulling dandelions and chickweed, I realized that some of the weeds I was about to uproot were actually stray seedlings of my Butterfly Bush, which I had let go to seed this year.


I will admit to being pretty excited about this discovery. I have had no luck in propagating several of my plants from cuttings, for whatever reason. But growing from seed seems to be working, as I also found Nandina (below) coming up as well, from seed I had cleaned and sown 2 years ago. I have so many butterfly bush seedlings coming up, I will probably pot a few up next spring and give to friends. A few I’ll keep and spread around the garden.


Then as I moved around to another section of the garden, I decided to pull up some landscape fabric I had put down back in the spring, when I had planned to put in gravel and stepping stones in the paths I had cleared. I never got around to finishing that project, so the fabric remained in place. As I pulled up the fabric, I found a nice carpet of moss had grown everywhere under it. This just might solve my dilemma of what to use for a pathway around the garden!


Friday, September 2, 2011

Propagation by cuttings, take 2

After several failed attempts at propagating cuttings of various shrubs in my garden the old fashioned way, I decided to try a new product I saw on the Territorial Seed Company™ website, called Gel2Root™. It looks like a package of clear pudding or jello. You puncture a small hole in the lid, and insert a softwood cutting down into it, and the gel inside acts as both water and fertilizer. Then place the gel w/ cutting in bright but indirect light and within a few weeks, supposedly you have a new plant growing.


I’m testing the gel with cuttings of gardenia, rosemary, witch alder, and wiegela. I’m probably pushing my luck with the wiegela and witch alder cuttings as those were almost semi-hardwood cuttings when I put them in, but I’m more into shrubs than perennials and thought I’d give it a try anyway.

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